Blue Sardine Altea History

After the architectural design, there is a delicate work of restoration and enhancement of the original elements of the building, carried out with care and precision, where every tiny detail has been attended to, with the aim of achieving an experience that combines warmth, comfort, and authenticity.

This is complemented by elements and furniture made from noble and natural materials such as marbles, woods, or cotton, respecting and highlighting the local culture and maintaining its Mediterranean essence.

To conclude, combining comfort and sustainability, state-of-the-art technological elements are integrated, such as auto-checking, which, together with the human team, deliver an extraordinary experience.



Walls of natural stone treated for added comfort.

Floors in antique solid woods, natural stones, and unique ceramics native to the area.

Recovered and restored doors from the original building.

Artisanal Albarracín plaster as wall finish.


The Albarracín plaster, a unique product in the world, is manufactured entirely by hand, making its properties special and distinct, leading it to be part of prestigious restorations such as that of the Alhambra in Granada. Both its extraction and manufacturing process are carried out in the most traditional way, using the same techniques as in the 10th century. Furthermore, this entire process is conducted with the utmost respect for the natural and ecological conditions of the area, contributing to environmental sustainability.

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